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Sunday,21 October 2012
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Democracy School, World Bank, and Ministry of Planning agreed on implementing the 2020 Yemen project that targets to involve youth in planning and giving ideas for Yemen in 2020. Yemen 2020 is an active electronic website between youth from different governorates and with different perspectives. It is a bridge between citizens and decision makers in Yemen. Apart from politics and political parties. To guide the youth to the future throw a website as in a forum where youth discuss about their thoughts , opinions, and hopes in the country by answering a simple question: how do you hope Yemen to be in 2020?
The activates were agreed on to create a website, publications, training 50 Youth initiatives to start an advocacy between youth to involve their ideas, plans and ambitions for yemen in all areas in all governorates.
Those ideas will be absorbed and included in the ministry of planning and world bank plans.


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