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Thursday,18 October 2012
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On Thursday 18th, Oct, 2012 was the conclusion of violence against juveniles project that was implemented in the last 20 months in all governorates. This project was done with the cooperation of the European Union along with the partnership of the Ministry of the Interior Ministry of Justice Ministry of Human Rights- and the Higher Council for Motherhood & Childhood.
Mr. Jamal Al-shami the president of the school mentioned in his opening speech the role of the European Union , Ministry of the Interior and the Higher Council for Motherhood & Childhood to make this project successful.
Ms. Fathia Abdullah the Secretary General Assistant of the Supreme Council of Motherhood and Childhood explained the partnership with Democracy School and its role on protecting juveniles throw their different children parliament activities.
Ms Bettna the ambassador of the European Union in Yemen mentioned the role of Democracy School on demanding and looking after children rights and their active role throw the children parliament experience to advocate and lobby to amend the juveniles law, since the juveniles are the victims in the society, and she showed happiness to participate in the event.
The Prime Minster General Ali Nasser talked on the importance of this project and its role to aware police officers and juveniles officials on the ways of dealing with juveniles and the need for the Ministry for intensive trainings to reach a bigger number of police officers to be able to deal with juveniles and respect human rights.
And the ability of the partnership of the European union and democracy school on creating a training center for those working in jails that will be implemented in the coming period.
The launching of a study on police ethics that goals to aware police officers on human rights and not to use violence and to obey the law.
Dr. Ali Aqlan the study perpetrator explained the importance of this awareness for police officers and hoped that all officers will learn and take advantage from it.


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