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Thursday,22 November 2012
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On Wednesday 21 Feb 2012, Children Parliament ended the third session in the small hall in the parliament house.

Attended the sessions the government side and international organizations and came up with recommendations and were given to the government to consider the matters and solve them.

The recommendations are:

 The government and governors in the country should attend the children parliament sessions to be questioned applying to the Prime Minster orders.
 Ministry of Information should have LIVE media coverage during children parliament sessions and to give attention to the children parliament activities in the governorates.
 Ministry of Information should aware on the importance of registering births throw media and publish a weekly awareness magazine on children rights.
 The involvement of children in planning for children cases and aware others of it (early marriage violence against children Recruitment of children Child trafficking).
 Ministry of Interior represented in the civil registry should implement the mandatory of Birth certificate registry.
 Ministry of Interior should give punishments for those who take money for Birth certificates and family ID.
 Giving more care to register displaced and refugees children.
 Ministry of Interior should take care of the Juveniles and not to be thrown in jails with older people.
 Ministry of Education should issue an order not to register children in schools unless they have their birth certificates.
 Ministry of Educations should mention the children cases in school syllabus
 Ministry of Education should cooperate with Ministry of Information to aware people of the importance of having a birth certificate.
 Ministry of Education should prevent violence in schools and look after it.
 Ministry of Education should work on reducing the school syllabus.
 Ministry of Education should provide qualified and skilled teachers for disables.
 Ministry of Education should develop the primary education.
 Ministry of Health should cooperate with Ministry of Interior and have offices for registering children right after their birth in hospitals.
 Ministry of Health issue a law to examination before marriage for Thalassemia sickness.
 Ministry of Health should clarify the risks of early marriage throw media.
 AmmantAlasaamah office and the local council should pay attention to streets Cleanliness.
 Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health should pay attention to schools and hospitals cleanliness.
 Ministry of health should provide specialist doctors for children violence and Sexual harassment cases.
 Ministry of Information and Ministry of health should aware on children diseases and how to prevent from them.
 Ministry of health should pay attention to feed children specially in countryside.
 International organizations should care about children health specially disabled, displaced and streets children.
 Yemeni Parliament should issue a law to specify the safe marriage age.
 The health Committee in the Yemeni Parliament clarify the risks of early marriage and FGM.
 Ministry of Health should bare about the Juveniles in jails and orphans houses.


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