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Tuesday,18 December 2012
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Defence for Children International followed up with the action plan on children recruitment and using children in armed groups in Yemen.
This plan was given by UNICEF to the concerned organization to discuss it.
The international movement Yemen branch- feels worried about the continuation of children recruitment in army and security conflicts.
The movement condemns the list that was approved by UN for the authorities that has recruited children and has requested the cooperation with the international and local organizations to remove this list in clear pledges to lay off recruited children and merge them in the society.
The government and Huthi groups welcomed the pledges idea on children in the armed conflicts that took place during their meeting with Mrs.Layla Zaroqi the Representative of the Secretary General in UN.
The authorities and concerned groups commit to:
- Immediately stop recruiting children and using them in armed groups.
- Immediately lay off all children who are involved in armed groups.
- Secure facility to merge children in their societies and rehabilitate them and providing them with social services.
- Ensure not to hold or judge children for leaving the armed groups or for any breaching of military orders.
- Issue and ensure publishing military orders that fits to stop recruiting and using children and to ensure laying off children immediately by specifying the punishment procedures for those who breach those orders.

Defence for Children International-Yemen Section


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