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Tuesday,29 January 2013
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On Monday 4th of Feb, children parliament will start its fourth session under the slogan "children marriage - Recruitment of children- Prevention of crime" with the attendance of representatives from the government and international organizations where the government side will be questioned represented by ministry of defense , interior, education, justice, mass-communication, Ansar Allah, and UNCEF on criminalization of recruitment of children and thrown in armed conflicts and prevention of crime.

The parliament will present questions to know the role of ministry of defense in planning and the strategies after the visit of envoy of Security Council around the immediate cessation of recruitment of children and laying off children working in the army.

In this session, ministry of education will identify its role on spreading awareness on early marriage and its risks in schools and to stop violence in schools.

Ministry Of Endowments on spreading awareness on early marriage in masjds.

A representative from ministry of interior to know the role in protecting children and merge children in the society.

An advocacy campaign "red hands" that targets to stop recruitment of children and involving them in armed conflicts.

The children parliament will end up with recommendations that will given to concerning sectors.

This session comes with the partnership of UNICEF Yemen.
29 Jan 2013
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