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Saturday,04 May 2013
Democracy School -

To: President of Yemen AbdoRabu Mansour Hadi

Defence for Children International Yemen Branch (Democracy School) and Children Parliament appeals to stop the execution that will be implemented tomorrow (Sunday 5th May 2013) on the juvenile Mohammed Abdulwahab Faisal Al-Qasim. The death penalty was previously delayed until completion of the proof documents and birth certificate.

Note that the juvenile lawyer has applied the original birth certificate and an official note from the Civil Status Authority Ibb- confirming that he is a juvenile during the crime.

In the last two months juvenile Mohammed Hazaa from Taiz was executed although the international and local appeals to stop the execution. There are 20 juveniles threatened to be executed in juveniles prisons in Yemen.

We are hoping that you take fast procedures to Attorney General , and Minister of Justice to stop the execution on Juvenile Mohammed Abdulwahab Faisal Al-Qasim Ibb governorate that will be implemented tomorrow.

Children Parliament and Defence for Children International Yemen Branch will make a complaint to the International Committee for children rights in the US against the government about violations on juveniles and the executions against them.

Defence for Children International

Yemen Branch Democracy School

Children Parliament

4 May 2013


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