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Sunday,16 June 2013
Dsyemen -

Two members from Children Parliament (Democracy School) and Child Project Official headed to Geneva to represent the Children Parliament to discuss the second alternative report on armed conflicts in Sa'adah and Abyan 2011 during the period 16-21 June 2013. The report prepared by the Children Parliament will be discussed with the international committee for children right in Geneva with the attendance of international organizations and Yemeni government.
This is considered the second report for Children Parliament to be represented and discussed with the international committee for children's rights.
In 2009 the first report was discussed on the situation of children 2006-2009 with the attendance of the Yemeni government side.
All the reports that are given to the international committee for children right were prepared by the members of the children parliament according to the problems, field studies,and observation, that they did.
This is done with the cooperation of Save the Children.
To have a look at the report download the attached file.
Children Parliament
Democracy School
16 June 2013


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