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Tuesday,11 June 2013
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11th June 2013 the workshop on "programming based on children rights" ended.
This workshop aimed to train 35 youth from youth initiatives that are working in different governorates. The participants took a three days training.
Karolis Mega (Save the Children office Director) attended the closing of the workshop and listened to the youth initiatives projects and the problems that they are facing and gave them advise for their works. He also thanked them for the projects they came up with during the workshop.
On June 2012 a similar workshop was done for three days and the participants suggested different projects. 5 projects were selected and funded by Democracy School and Save the Children. The projects are:
Theatre Friends: I am here (Theatrical work)
Third eye: Child Nutrition (awareness)
Building Yemen: Documentary film on violence against children
The pillars of youth: documentary film on children harassment
Youth withstand: giving school bags for children in Sa'adah
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11 June 2013


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