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Saturday,31 August 2013
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Commissioner-General of Information Eng. Sameer Ameen Noman said "Access to information law widen the participation of the society" and he added " the correct information helps to evaluate officials performance and promote people's ability in whom they can choose to represent them"
Mr.Noman assured through his speech that in the opening of the training that targeted Children Parliament members and that is done by Yemeni Team for Transparency and Integrity around the access to information law and that the Yemeni Civil Society is betting that the law is going to success within long term period. So the society is depending in the new generation.
Mr. Nabeel Abdulhafeedh the League President of the Team said that this law didn't exist by coincidence but after a very huge work that local civil society organizations and the Yemeni Team of Transparency and Integrity (Transparency International Branch) has done to make it happen. He also said "This law is a new beginning, which will allow the new generation reach the correct information"
Mr. Jamal Al-Shami the chairman of Democracy School welcomed the attendees assuring that " the new law aims to access the right information for people and that helps reach the truth faster" he also added that Democracy School and the Yemeni Team for Transparency and Integrity has done a similar training previously as one of the "ACTION" projects activities which aims to promote transparency and fight corruption.
This Workshop aims to introduce the importance of information and the access to them along with the local and international standards for accessing to information.
There will be field visits by the members to some of the places where they can ask for information and questionnaire about the law.
This workshop targets 30 children of the children parliament and which will stay for three days.
Democracy School
31 Aug 2013


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