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Wednesday,09 December 2015
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Yemen, With three children being killed in Yemen every day, Save the Children welcomes the news that long overdue peace talks will resume next week alongside a possible temporary ceasefire. Edward Santiago, Country Director for Save the Children in Yemen, said:

With children dying every day, it is vital that these new talks deliver peace. Yemen is a childrens emergency. Everyday children go hungry and thirsty, are forced from their homes and out of school, and face the risk of abuse, injury and death. Almost half of the 21 million people who need humanitarian assistance are children. We hope that these talks will result in a permanent ceasefire and an inclusive peace agreement that upholds the rights of all Yemens people, including those of children.

Save the Children also welcomes the Government of Yemens request to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition to temporarily suspend operations for seven days to coincide with the start of the peace talks. We call on all the warring parties to the conflict to commit to this ceasefire and work towards a permanent and negotiated end to the violence.


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