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Tuesday,24 October 2017
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In the process of the International Alliance for Peace and Development establishment

MAAT signs a cooperation protocol with the Democracy School (Yemen)

In the context of its call to establish the "International Alliance for Peace and Development", launched in October 2017, MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Democracy School (Yemen), in a series of bilateral protocols to be signed in the coming weeks with NGOs in Tunisia, Jordan, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Italy, the USA, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Sudan, Sweden, Palestine and Iraq.

This comes within the efforts of MAAT and the Democracy School to establish the "International Alliance for Peace and Development", along with the two parties intention to implement activities achieving the Alliance goal represented in improving human rights conditions, supporting peace, and fighting violence, terrorism and intimidation, to work effectively via UN, regional and national forums and mechanisms to stop the practices violating humanitarian values and threatening international peace, as well as calling for improving public policies linked to supporting peace and fighting violence, terrorism and extremism.
The Democracy School is a Non-Governmental Organization working on the creation of gatherings between children, youth and women in the field of democracy and human rights established in 2002 in Yemen.
Mr. Ayman Okeil, President at MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights stated that the signature of bilateral cooperation protocols is the first executive step to the establishment of the Alliance, to be followed by the constitutional conference of the Alliance in the first quarter of 2018 in the UN headquarter in Geneva, where the Bylaws will be adopted and the Board of Trustees will be elected, indicating that the rest of 2017 will witness the signature of a large number of cooperation protocols between MAAT and the organizations hat expressed their interest in joining the Alliance from European, Arab and American states.

Mr. Gamal Abdella Elshamy, Head of the Democracy School stated that the Alliance comes in the appropriate time amid conflicts and devastating wars targeting the humans, as well as economic and political wars, and numerous coalitions that do not serve peace and democracy, wishing the world to enjoy peace and security and for the Alliance to have a leading role in reducing the conflicts and wars, along with creating a democratic community believing in freedom and equality.
The "International Alliance for Peace and Development", is based on the CSOs moral responsibility in making peace, as well as the values of rights agreed upon by the world since 1948 and guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reflected in details in the of human rights conventions and covenants adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in succession, as the Alliance will compose interested organizations in peace, democracy, human rights, and fighting extremism and terrorism issues across the world.


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