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The Project of The Youth Consultative Council



The Democracy and the sharing politicain,and the attentaive subscription to plan the plotical and the stratigies to rise up the level of attentiveness of the nation cases that are to be cosiderd more important for civil education targets , that must depth it among the youth through their incorporating into the gathering activity ,and rise up their comperehesion level for the problems which their societies suffer. They should share in putting the suggestions for settelement ,and they are to be trained in to share in the comprehensive democracy ,that considers Yemen a state of youth whereas50% of the population are youth ,so sharing them in the civil life and participation of democracy, is the setting up of the near tomorrow , to be concentrating on the social dialogue. We find that the Youth cosultative council a project intensifies the particiation in civil society.




The idea of the project   :-


Forming a startingpoint for a consultative council speciallyfor the youth through the related authority nomination due to limit conditions , its role to help the government and to instatanse by the civil society to put the settelement and studies for the youth problems



The general target :

To develop the self obedience in the youth , and share themin the civil activity & the social service that dependeny on democracy, and at the meanlime in discusions & searching the settlement for theirown problems and the nation problems .


The partial targets:

  1. Searching for settlements of the extremism& terrorism problems among the youth aligns.
  2. Searching for settlement for the unemployment spreading amoung the youth .
  3. Struggling and to fight the corruption .
  4. To assisst the supreme councils members the consultative & In their legislations missions to focus their sights to the youth problems & the method to treat with it .
  5. To hold discussions ring with the politicions and the responsibles in the government & the politicals parties .
  6. Todiscuss the standing problems in the courtyard and to incorporate in putting the settlement .
  7. To share the youth in experience to qualfy them to play role in the political life .
  8. To interact the youth role in the social service


The targting group :

All the youth of the republic of Yemen elther males or females from the age 20-25 .


Members of the council :

  1. The members of the council are ( 111 ) members who meet evog six wonths . Fourty five femals and the others are males from all governorates.
  2. The nomination of the members is by (political parties ,civil societies,unions andfaculties ,communties with special needs ).


The conditions of membership :

  1. Age 20-25
  2. Yemeni national
  3. A memorendum of nomination from the autherity they belong to
  4. Aptitude for discussion and dialogue in the council
  5. Abiding by the internal regulation of the council

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