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The Children Parliament (CP) in the Republic of Yemen (ROY) is one of the attempts that granted a bigger participation for the children in expressing their views regarding their issues and questioning many governmental and non – governmental sides about their rights. The past period of the CP experience have witnessed five rounds of elections since the start of the CP in 2000 until the last elections in 2010. Members of the CP were able to meet many governmental and non – governmental sides and draw the attention to several issues related to their rights forcing the recognition of these problems as serious threats for the children that have direct impacts on their lives, health and stability such as the issues of; children in dispute with the law; child trafficking; child labor; child rights in national legislations; compulsory education; fighting against violent punishments in schools and other child related institutions; early marriage; corruption and its impact on children; the status of displaced children; children soldiers and children involvement in armed conflicts; child health and nutrition; the rights of children with special needs; and the urgency of increasing children share of the state general budget. CP has presented the first shadow report about the children situation which was prepared by the children themselves and conducted various field inspections that ended in detailed reports about child related issues including (registering newly born, the status of children in detention, the status of children in health centers and hospitals, children in care houses and refugee children). Members of the CP have also discussed reports prepared by the Government in relation to the extent to which the obligations International Child Rights Treaty (ICR) and the two protocols are applied in addition to other reports. 


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