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Defence for Children International(DCI)- Yemen Branch

The Movement Establishment
DCI is a global movement for children that was formed in July 1979, the International Year of the Child. It was created as a response to the UN plea, calling to remedy the lack of international bodies that advocate for the rights of children. The first important achievement was its participation in the drafting of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The headquarters of the organization are located in Geneva, Switzerland.
Although the movement is an international network, the movement branch in Yemen is a Yemeni Independent Non-governmental organization which improves its projects based on the needs and priorities for Yemeni children and society.

The Movement Massage
The Movement aims to defense for children and protect their rights based on the convention of children rights, and the convention of human rights. The movement works to create and improve different programs such as legal support and children rights. It also works to empower and activate the children participation in all cases that concerns their rights in the Yemeni society. It also works with human rights institutions to create a protective environment for children.
Based on monitoring and documenting children rights violations in Yemen. The movement works to organize awareness and advocacy events along with local and international organizations working with children aiming to deepen awareness and cognition on children rights in the society. And to strengthening the sense of collective responsibility to support and protect children's rights and this is one of the goals for Democracy School Yemen branch for Defence for Children International.

The Movement Goals
- Serious and continues monitoring and documenting for children rights violations in Yemen.
- Representing Children in courts and defensing their violated rights.
- Counseling and providing legal services for children and needy families to protect their children's rights.
- Organizing awareness campaigns that concerns children rights.
- Defensing children rights in all levels in the Yemeni society.
- Empowering children and activating their participation in social life and decision making.
- Pursuance Yemen legislation that concerns children and giving proposals and recommendations for Parliament House on harmonizing the legalizations to the international and regional standards for children.
- Suggesting policies and national plans on children and submitting them as recommendations and proposals for decision makers to adopt them within the national policies and plans. Lobbying to adopt provide policies that protects children and sees the children's interests.

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