Wednesday,01 August 2012
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Most affected people from corruption practices are those who are unaware of its forms and methods. And those are representing the majority of the Yemeni society. And when it comes to talk aboutMeans of combatingcorruptionthen we have to admit the importance of the individual's right for access to information and transparency in dealing in government institutions. In addition, the importance of teaching the society about their rights and duties. And this would be more effective if we increase the awareness of children under the slogan "what's for us and what is for others" in a way that guarantees to have new generation armed with transparency valuable and are able to limit corruption that affect the human beings dignity and takes away their rights.

Corruption is not limited in a specific place or a specific time but it is widespread and constantly present and became regular. Admitting the existence of corruption doesn't have to mean being able to know it. Another thing, Fighting corruption needs us to be aware of its causes and the reasons it is widespread. Being aware of corruption risks and resisting against it in education sector and with children is the main fight against corruption. Democracy School is concerned about children rights and this is the reason why it started the unit that enhance transparency and accountability in children.

Main Goal:

Enhancing transparency , integrity, and accountability valuables in the society in an early stage (childhood) and to develop their abilities to deal with forms of corruption along with instilling and encouraging to be responsible and undergo being criticized and being accountable.


- Increasing children's awareness on initialconcepts of transparency and integrity.

- Increasing children's awareness on corruption risks and its negatives on the society in general and particularly on children.

- Enhancing and encouraging children's abilities in order to be able to be aware of corruption practices and the ways to fight it. And to be able to have access to information.

- Encouraging children to take responsibility and undergo to be accountable.

- Working together to find an integral mechanism between commissions that are concerns to fight corruption (civil or governmental) along with the ministry of education in order to add a subject on transparency valuable and fighting corruption in the school curricula.

- Enhancing the principle of respecting human rights and developing equal citizenship spirit for children.

Units' working methods:

- Trainings and workshops for children.

- Trainings and workshops for teachers and ministry of education's employees and parents.

- Publishing explanatory and educational booklets and brochures taking into accountSimplicity and Brevity in order to suitable for the level of children's understanding.

- Organizing competitions, camps, educational plays under the slogan " We Play and Learn for a Society Free from Corruption".

- Lobbying and advocacy with the partnership of Children Parliament.
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