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Thursday,04 October 2012
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Youth initiatives' sent projects proposals to Democracy School. Those proposals were discussed by democracy school along with Save the Children and approving them.
On Sunday, 23rd –Sep-2012 the projects were signed with the youth initiatives on the convention of children rights in democracy school.
Attended this Meeting Jamal Al-shami the president of Democracy School, Abdullah Al-khamissy official of Children Rights projects , and Ms.Kassy the official of programs in Save the Children.
Five initiatives were chosen out of 25 initiatives by the committee from Democracy School and Save the Children.
A two days training course was done for 30 initiative members previously on the convention of children rights.
Listed below the initiatives and their activities:

Initiative name ------- Project
Theatre friends ------- I exist
Third eye ------- Children nutrition
Building Yemen ------- Documentary film on violence against children
Youth Pillars ------- Documentary film on children harassment
Withstand Youth ------- Distributing school bags for children in Sa'adah

Those projects will be implemented in the coming period depending on the timeline plan.
Democracy School
4th Oct 2012
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