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Sunday,07 October 2012
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On 9th Oct 2012 .Democracy school promoted the third children court that targets to draw the attention towards different violence cases against children. The conclusions comes out of the judgments that the children verdict against children rights violators. Those judgments are adhered by the Islamic law, constitutions, conventions and rules that are related to the case to assure not to allow anyone to escape from the punishment of taking away children rights.
The children are playing the role of all the court such as the judge, lawyers etc.
Democracy School did a field study to police stations and found out that 49% of Juveniles were tortured in different ways during investigations.
This is the third court for a police officer who tortured a juvenile.
Two other courts were done previously on children trafficking, early marriage, and violence in the family against children.
This activity comes as the main concerns of democracy school on different children cases.
This activity was done by the anti-torture against children with the cooperation of the European Union.

Democracy School
7th Oct 2012
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