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Sunday,03 February 2013
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On Sunday the 3rd-Feb-2013 , children parliament visited the central jail in Sana'a (Juvenile Prison) as a solidarity with the children who are on hunger strike for many reasons such as the living situation in prisons and to suspended death sentence over the child Nadeem Al-Azazy dates 27-Jan-2013 as he is 18 years old now and were 15 years old when committed a crime. He was accused of a killing crime.
Most juvenile prisoners in the central jail were sentenced in killing crimes and they had problems in determining their ages on the duration of committing the crime. And the conflicts of forensic reports and which is taken as an evidence in the court.
The age of juvenile in Yemen is 15 and the law didn't state death sentence on juvenile. There are 24 children are exposed for death sentence in Yemen for killing crimes.
Children parliament discussed with the juvenile their worries and problems because of the hunger strike and promised them to get their voices to officials in Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior and to involve their issues in their session schedules.

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