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Sunday,10 March 2013
Democracy School -

Defence for Children International – Yemen Branch (Democracy School) and Children Parliament implemented the death penalty on juveniles Mohammed Abdulkarim Haza'a in central jail in Taiz governorate on Saturday Morning on 9th March 2013. Although International and local organizations demanded the government to delay the implementation of the death penalty to assure the documents and papers that proves he is under 17 years old during the crime in 1999 and then stayed in jail until 2013.

Defence for Children International- Yemen Branch (Democracy School) and Children Parliament regrets the execution of the juvenile Mohammed Abdulkarim Haza'a and asking international and local organizations in Yemen to unify the efforts to save more 20 juvenile who might get executed at any time.

We bear the government all the responsibility in dealing with juveniles and the false promises for international and local organization and Ministry of Human Rights.

Defence for Children International

Yemen Brancjh (Democracy School)

Children Parliament
10th March 2013
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